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No.87 Long Sleeve T-shirt Capsule

No.87 Long Sleeve T-shirt Capsule

108,00 €Price
No.17 Hoof Bag

No.17 Hoof Bag

580,00 €Price
No.72 Sendra Boots

No.72 Sendra Boots

675,00 €Price
No.107 Limonta Padded Coat

No.107 Limonta Padded Coat

810,00 €Price
No.94 Black Velvet Zipper Shirt

No.94 Black Velvet Zipper Shirt

380,00 €Price
No.88 Heavy Cotton Shirt

No.88 Heavy Cotton Shirt

295,00 €Price



In pursuit of a permanent wardrobe, Gabriela Coll Garments are presented in a seasonless Series; consisting of pieces that layer, coexist and evolve over time.

The Series are the product of concrete imagery. Rooted in permanence and austerity, the fixed garments construct a biography through their resulting wardrobe. 

Pieces for men and women, bags, accessories and footwear are crafted in Gabriela's Barcelona studio or through a select network of local independent manufacturers.

Combining a fine arts background with the inspiration of her Spanish Mediterranean history, Gabriela Coll Garments are concerned with the classical and inherent character of fabrics. Traces of thoughtful artisanmanship are noticeable in each garment, linking the final piece to its origin and production process.

Since its inception in 2016, the collection has developed into 7 Series and has secured a strong selection of international stockist and private clientele.


As a service for clients, all our garments are available custom tailored. To order any of our pieces or made-to-measure, please email info@gabrielacoll.com


Addition Adelaide, Japan (https://adelaide-addition.com)

Beams, Japan (https://www.beams.co.jp/)

Biotop, Japan (https://www.biotop.jp/tokyo)

Casimir Pulaskiday, Japan (http://casimir-pulaskiday.com)

Faye, Japan (https://faye-eyaf.com

Fujin Tree, Taiwan (http://fujintreegroup.com)

Isetan, Japan (https://www.isetankl.com)

La Garçonne, USA (https://lagarconne.com)

Lily Salone, Japan (https://www.lillydelsalone.com)

Maidens Shop, Japan (http://shop.maiden.jp)

Nid Tokyo, Japan (https://nid-tokyo.com)
Selfridges, UK (https://www.selfridges.com)

Stand Up comedy, USA (https://www.standupcomedytoo.com)

Superamarket, Japan (http://www.superamarket.jp)

Gabriela Coll Garments

Pallars 85, 4-2

08018 Barcelona